private & corporate Communication Consulting
Inspired by Paulo Freire’s (2003) theory of praxis, bbpraxis assists clients with improving communication skills (i.e., interpersonal, intercultural, group) through a balanced combination of action and reflection. Rather than applying generalized solutions, this approach ensures customized and individualized action and reflection plans created in collaboration with the client/s. 
For bbpraxis, action means 1) the assessment of communicative acts and/or situations in regards to effectiveness, 2) the collaborative creation of goals and 3) the guided and supervised application of new and improved communication patterns focused on achieving those goals. 
Reflection means 1) dialogic communication to understand each individual’s participation/role in establishing communication patterns, 2) constant cooperative evaluation and analysis of advised communication skills in regards to achievement of the set goals, 3) and continuous relationship to ensure establishment of changed and improved behaviors and communication patterns.
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